Let's Synergize... your goals are ours!

Every sourcing strategy is all about striking the right balance. The fundamentals are about striving to achieve “true” savings, zero compromise on quality and dependable delivery.

Our team of seasoned professionals can appreciate and translate every drawing and specification, both stated and implied, into a fully conforming component, sub-assembly or product.

Our domain expertise lies in a huge range of Castings, Forgings, Precision Machining, Sheet Metal Fabrication, Electrical Motor and Generator Coils, Electrical Insulating Materials and Plastics.  Low to medium volumes and high complexity is our forte...

Give us an honest chance and we’ll give it an honest shot!


Sourcing Solutions

Sourcing feasibility analysis. Onsite evaluation of supplier facilities / capabilities. Budgetary pricing & comparative analysis. Quality assurance plans. In-process & final quality inspections. Facilitate third party material testing & CMM inspection. Ensure conformity to specifications stated and implied. Ensure optimum protective packaging and on-time delivery.

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Product Range

Synergy can help you source range of products from India.

  • Castings |  Forgings
  • Precision Machined Components  |  Sub-assemblies
  • Sheet Metal parts | Heavy fabrication | Welded assemblies   
  • Motor & Generator Coils | Insulating Materials
  • Engineering Plastics  |  Rubber  |  Epoxy  |  Composites 
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