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Let’s Synergize, your goals are ours!

Every sourcing strategy is all about striking the right balance. Synergy is a professional sourcing company based in India, offering off-shore manufacturing and sourcing expertise to industrial buyers of mechanical, electrical components and sub-assemblies.

We strive to achieve true savings, zero compromises on quality and dependable delivery.

Our vast domain expertise lies in a huge range of Castings, Forgings, Precision Machining, Sheet Metal Fabrication, Electrical Motor and Generator Coils, Electrical Insulating Materials and Plastics. Low to medium volumes and high complexity is our forte.

We offer composite and strategic solutions like supplier research and assessment, new product development, program management, manufacturing process development and value engineering, quality assurance, onsite quality inspection, logistics consulting, business facilitation services and engineering services, with a professional approach and speed in every interaction.


With over eight decades of combined experience in the Indian engineering industry – areas like quality assurance, technical collaborations, joint ventures, export management, foreign exchange matters, international trade and logistics, we are capable of handling your offshore sourcing programs. Synergy assures you unbelievable value in sourcing engineering products from India.

Great Experiences Build Great Brands.


  • 2005 – Found as a consulting company.
  • 2007 – Evolved into a one-stop sourcing and 100% export house
  • 2014 – Enhanced capabilities to handle complex products, many first time in India. ISO9001-2015 certified
  • 2018 – Developed into a value added contract manufacturing partner for U.S. & Canadian engineering clients


Work towards building a reputation in the global sourcing business among stakeholders through trust, teamwork & timeliness.


To develop and groom a highly dedicated team who will perform diligently and ensure always deliver good products and services promptly.

MR. Ketan B. C | CEO
Over 26 years of business experience in Supply chain management of mechanical, electrical and electronic components and sub-assemblies, new supplier development, foreign exchange, implementation of foreign technical collaborations relationships with overseas companies and joint ventures between India and overseas companies. Experience in assisting several American companies in their technical collaborations, joint ventures and sourcing efforts in India for highly complex components made out of exotic materials, castings, steel and parts with specialized surface treatments. Expertise in setting up Kanbans and JIT supply chain management
Mr. Mike Swartzlander | Marketing Director, North America
Mr. Mike Swartzlander is a Foundry Strategist, India Expert, and A Speaker Coach. Mike has over 35 years’ experience in all aspects of manufacturing and sourcing for Fortune 500 OEM as well as small and medium size privately-held companies.  Mike has been doing business in India since 1981 and has lived in the country for several years. Located now in North Carolina near Asheville, Mike is the exclusive representative for Synergy In the USA

Contact:  mike@synergyglobal.in

Phone: +1-614-849-8257