Your One-Stop Precision Machine Shop For Production and Prototyping

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Your One-Stop Precision Machine Shop For Production and Prototyping

Here in India, we’ve established a reputation for excellence as a trustworthy prototype machine
shop serving the aerospace, defence, and medical sectors. Many of our clients are unaware of the
fact that we also perform low- and even high-volume production work, though.
We are aware that many of our customers can gain from working with the same shop for prototype
machining all the way through to high-volume production manufacturing, even though precision
machine shops
frequently choose to specialise in small or large-quantity orders (instead of both). We aspire to be that store.

Prototyping and sample development:

Prototyping and sample development are crucial steps in the manufacturing process before going
into bulk production. These steps ensure that the final product meets the desired specifications and
quality standards, while also identifying any potential issues or improvements that can be made.
The prototyping phase involves creating a preliminary version of the product to test its functionality
and design. This allows manufacturers to identify any design flaws or technical issues that need to be
addressed before moving forward with mass production. Prototyping also helps manufacturers to
determine the most efficient production processes and materials to use for the final product.

Once a prototype has been developed, the sample development phase begins. This involves creating
a small batch of products to test and refine the manufacturing process. Manufacturers use this
phase to assess the quality of the product, making any necessary adjustments to the design,
materials, or production process.

Before moving into bulk production, the sample must be approved by the manufacturer and the
client. This involves conducting quality control tests, assessing the product’s performance, and
ensuring that it meets all necessary safety and regulatory requirements. Once the sample has been
approved, manufacturers can confidently move forward with mass production, knowing that they
have identified and addressed any potential issues.

Overall, the prototyping and sample development process is essential for ensuring that the final
the product meets the desired quality and performance standards, while also minimizing the risk of
defects or recalls. By taking the time to refine the design and production process, manufacturers can
improve the overall efficiency and effectiveness of their manufacturing operations, leading to
greater customer satisfaction and long-term success.

Why Would You Use A Precision Machine Shop For Production?

The following are a few of the main benefits of using Focused on Machining as your one-stop shop
for production and prototyping.

Comparable Efficiency

Inevitably, you’ll have people trying to figure out how to make your specific part if you’ve already
completed prototype machining with one shop and decide to take your production order elsewhere.
Your partner in prototype machining already knows the solutions.
We won’t need to spend time learning your part because all the complexities were sorted out
during prototyping. Even better, since we will own every piece of fixturing, we can programme and
set up your job much more quickly than a shop could if it were being done for the first time.
In the end, we are able to proceed with incredible efficiency, and we pass on this benefit to you in
the form of time and money savings.

Consistent Quality
Every precision machine shop defines quality differently. While many shops can build your part to
print, there may be minor but noticeable differences in aesthetics and functionality from one shop
to the next.
If you’re already satisfied with the quality of our prototyping or low-volume services, it’s in your best
interest to stick with us for higher-volume production.
Other shops may offer you a lower price for your project, but there is no guarantee that you will
receive the same level of quality. Let us know what your price range is, and we’ll do our best to
accommodate you.

Vendor Consolidation
Starting from scratch with a vendor who has never worked on your behalf before can be a logistical
challenge. You will have fewer details to iron out if you work with the same company for prototyping
and production.
When you work with Focused on Machining, you’ll reap the benefits of vendor consolidation in more
ways than one. Being a true one-stop precision machine shop includes project managing all
secondary and external processes for our customers, such as plating, hardware installation, minor
assemblies, and more.
From prototyping to production, we’ll manage every aspect of your project.

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