Metal Stampings and Fabrication

sheet metal components sourcing from India

Synergy offers services for offshore manufacturing and sourcing of various types of sheet metal fabrication from India, metal stampings and sheet metal sub assemblies  and welded assemblies from India using the following process and latest technologies.

Fabrication can be offered primarily in two categories :

Stamping :
Stamping can be offered in the form of sheet metal stamping including progressive die stamping, deep drawing stampings and high speed stamping (including electrical motor stampings in CRGO & CRNGO), turret press punching.

Fabrication from India :

Fabrication can be offered using plasma, laser and water jet cutting,
welded assemblies, fastened assemblies like enclosure parts, machining after
fabrications described in more detail below.

Raw Materials used:

  • Hot Rolled steel  upto Yield strength of 690Mpa,
  • Cold Rolled Close Annealed (CRCA) sheets
  • Stainless steel SS302, SS304, SS316
  • Aluminum 6063, 6061, 5052
  • Copper pure 99.99% pur ecopper
  • Brass

Manufacturing processes for sheet metal fabrication components from India

Welding types :

MIG, TIG, Resistance spot welding, Laser welding to AWS / CWB / ANSI standards using qualified welders and period 3RD party testing of weld specimens for tensile, yield and elongation.

Welding dissimilar materials like mild steel to stainless steel, different grades of steel,  speciality Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW)/ TIG aluminium welding, Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW), and Flux Cored Arc Welding (FCAW)

India Synergy’s sheet metal fabrication services in India offer efficient, precise, and cost-effective solutions for producing high-quality metal components and products.

Surface treatment :

Parts and assemblies can be supplied with various types of surface treatments like

  • Epoxy and Polyestor powder coating
  • Primer coating
  • Liquid painting
  • ED coating,
  • Anodising
  • Trivalent Plating RoHs complaint.

Testing of surface treatment can be done using salt spray testing upto 1000 hours for powder coating and upto 250 hours for plating.

India Synergy’s sheet metal fabrication services in India offer efficient, precise, and cost-effective solutions for producing high-quality metal components and products. Get your products from one of the best sheet metal fabricators in India.

Synergy offers services for offshore manufacturing and sourcing of various types of sheet-metal fabricated products and sub-assemblies from India.

We have the expertise to develop and source sheet metal parts and assemblies using any of the following capabilities:

  • Laser cutting
  • Water jet cutting
  • Plasma cutting
  • TIG, MIG welding certified to AWS standards
  • Welded sub-assemblies and heavy fabrication including machining to close tolerances.
  • Surface treatment like powder coating, ED coating, plating, etc.

Contact us with details of the products you would like to source from India, for non-obligatory feasibility report.


Synergy specializes in sourcing and contract manufacturing of various engineering products,
including casting, metal stamping and fabrication, dies, tools and moulds, precision machined
components, electric motor coils, forgings, plastics, composites, and rubber parts and sub-
assemblies as well as finished engineering products to customer designs and specifications.
International standards such as ASMT, ASME, CSA, DIN, JIS standards etc are followed as specified.

You can contact Synergy by visiting their website at and using the contact
information provided on the website. They have options for phone, email, and a contact form.
Synergy also has a representative in the U.S.A., Mr.Mike Swartzlander.

Yes, Synergy offers custom manufacturing solutions tailored to meet the specific requirements and
specificatons of their clients. We work closely with their customers to develop and deliver
customized products and components.

Absolutely! Synergy has the capability to handle both small and large-scale production orders. We
have a network of well-equipped manufacturing partners with our in-house team of quality
engineers and a skilled workforce to meet varying production demands.

Yes, Synergy offers sourcing services to help clients find the right suppliers for their manufacturing
needs. We have an extensive network of trusted manufacturing partners that are carefully audited
and qualified and can assist in identifying reliable sources for materials and components.

Yes, Synergy is proficient in a wide range of manufacturing processes. We have expertise in casting,
machining, metal stamping and fabrication, welding, die production, precision machining, electric
motor coils, forgings, plastics, composites, and rubber parts. Additional processes like coating,

painting & electro-plating, plasma coating, anodising, etc. are also available with our qualified

Synergy serves a diverse range of industries, including, oil & gas, pumps, valves, railways, mining,
aerospace, industrial machinery, heavy duty plumbing, lawn and garden, farm equipment,
agricultural equipment, and more. We have the capability to adapt their manufacturing and sourcing
services to suit the requirements of different industries.

Absolutely! Quality assurance is a top priority for Synergy. We have stringent quality control
measures, and we are ISO-9001-2015 certified with over 75+ engineers of our own who handle right
from RFQ to product quality control, with a high quality performance level of less than 500PPM
defect level. We utilize advanced testing for materials and processes and inspection techniques to
ensure quality, reliability and repeatability.

Yes, Synergy has experience in international sourcing and can assist clients in finding suppliers both
domestically and internationally. We have a global network and can help source materials and
components from various locations. However, majority of the materials are sourced within India
unless there is a specific customer specified material that needs to be sourced globally.

To request a quote from Synergy, you can either reach out to them through the contact information
provided on their website or fill out the contact form available on their website. Provide details
about your requirements with clear engineering drawings, material specifications, quality standards,
pictures and if possible, samples, and their team will get back to you after doing feasibility study with
a quote and further information.



We have been partnering with Synergy Global Sourcing for over 9 years now. Not only has our journey together been a rewarding one it has also developed into a partnership based on trust, commitment and growth…and some would say we have “Synergy” together. We have experience unsurpassed commitment and professionalism working with Ketan, Nitin and the rest of the Synergy Global Sourcing team and in 2017 Unit Electrical Engineering Ltd. (UEE) presented Synergy Global Sourcing our outstanding supplier achievement award. Synergy Global Sourcing earned this award with high regards and for us at UEE is was a unanimous decision. We would not hesitate to endorse Synergy Global Sourcing to any future clients.

Rick Marini
Director of Operations - Unit Electrical Engineering Ltd.
September 07, 2018

We have worked with Ketan and his team at Synergy for over 10 years and during this time we have collaborated on many projects. We have found them to be open, committed and dedicated to finding cost competitive solutions to a wide range of sourcing challenges that we have presented them with. We would have no hesitation in recommending Synergy Global Sourcing to any prospective client.

Raoul Watson
Managing Director - TBI Manufacturing Limited
August 22, 2018

WestShore Engineering Inc. has had the pleasure of knowing Ketan and doing business with Synergy Global Sourcing for over 10 years. We always feel confident any project where Synergy is involved, the product will be correct and of the highest quality. With their vast engineering knowledge and complete professionalism, we consider Synergy as one of our best vendors. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Synergy for many years to come!

William Boro
Director of Engineering - WestShore Engineering
August 22, 2018

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