Sourcing is all about a robust strategy that largely is built on deep research and valuable market data. It's all about finding out if you are ready for the market and if the market is ready for you.

Synergy can conduct supplier research and evaluation for any engineering product or service. We can enable you to make a sound technical and commercial strategic decision of commencing sourcing from India.

Synergy team has over 150 years of combined international and Indian industrial experience to conduct such research projects and have executed this for many U.S, European, Canadian & U.K. based clients.

We undertake projects right from supplier research, supplier evaluation, due diligance, contract finalization, product development management, process control methods, first article qualification (F.A.I/P.P.A.P) and final inspection.


Few past research projects :

  • Complex machined components for oil field exploration
  • Parts for automotive rear vision application
  • Gravity and pressure die castings for automotive application
  • High magnetization ferrite powder for use in magneto-rheological fluids for sound deadening in automotive bodies.
  • Aluminium extrusions
  • Seamless tubular components for automotive application
  • E.P.D.M Rubber extrusions & rubber molded components
  • Plastic Injection molding
  • Specialty coatings for aerospace applications
  • Door and window systems for buildings
  • Steel forgings
  • Heavy fabrication like furnace doors.
  • Plumbing projects

Developing a supplier is all about building a long term relationship, mutual trust and synergy. The initial period of the relationship needs careful attention and understanding of each others expectations.

The model depicts the cycle and ongoing efforts in developing a lasting relationship.

Off-shore supplier management is crucial for a sustained level of high quality and delivery performance that has a direct bearing on "true" costs of sourcing.

Communication and quick resolution of issues and concerns is the key. An unbiased approach from Synergy towards both the supplier and buyers helps expose root causes quickly and ensures timely resolution. A stitch in time, saves nine !

We understand that process management is more crucial than final inspection, though both are indispensable. Synergy offers the following inspection services to fully ensure that you have no “surprises” when you receive your shipments from India.




A brief of types of quality assurance solutions offered:

  • Preparation or verification of the quality control plan or PPAP.
  • Quality process audit including verification of calibration status of  quality    control equipment, traceable to national and international standards
  • In-process inspection of tooling and fixtures
  • In –process inspection of first articles (F.A.I) or P.P.A.P quantities.
  • In case of casting, in-process witness of metal pouring and on-line measurement and reporting of chemical composition.
  • Inspection of the finished components
  • Third party material testing (including chemical and mechanical properties) at accredited laboratories.
  • Electrical Testing like H.V test, resistance tests, etc.

Packaging and in-transit handling precautions are very crucial to international sourcing.

Value added services we offer:

  • Certification of Packaging services will ensure that though a product produced to specifications, also reaches you in a safe manner.Consultancy in export packaging to international standards like ISPM-15
  • Design and assistance in selecting appropriate contractors for execution of export packaging
  • Corrosion protection methods like VCI, Vacuum Corrosion Inhibitors to prevent in-transit corrosion and consultancy in ensuring fumigation to international standards.
  • Testing of packing material like burst strength, tensile strength, drop test, impact test, edge crush test. shock test and salt spray test to ensure quality of packing material used.
  • Inspection of packing material and certification of packing method suitable for the product packed.
  • Consultancy in container stuffing and fumigation activities.

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